Not your typical Dietitian – I bring my passion for healthcare technologies and innovation into my clinical practice. I received my nutrition degree from McGill University and have had extensive experience in virtual care even before it had become a necessity due to COVID. Seeing how technology could impact more people than I could counselling 1-on-1, I transitioned to focus on healthcare software product management. Now, I am splitting my time to continue doing what I love most – counselling on tricky digestives issues and optimizing nutrition. As someone with IBS that is where my clinical private practice specialty lies. I am dedicated to providing the best care possible in new ways. If you have never seen a dietitian before and curious about how you can optimize your diet I can also help with that. I hope to bring a fresh perspective and openness to experimentation in navigating the sometimes complex and confusing waters of the gut.

The Nutrient Lab was created with the idea that this clinic will be an ever evolving experiment in how to optimize nutrition. Aside from providing highly personalized guidance individually, my broader goal is to make nutrition services more accessible for those that need it the most via software solutions. I also serve as an advisor to food and nutrition startups such as Zesto, an app that identifies what meals those with food allergies can have at restaurants. Outside of work, I am interested in giving back to the community and serve on the board of Pulsar Collective, an NGO that promotes women in STEM careers.

I take on a limited number of clients for consultations. My areas of interest are:

  • GI issues including IBS, Celiac Disease and Allergies
  • Optimizing nutrition using the latest technological apps for diet assessment
  • Adapting special diets (IBS, hypertension, diabetic) to cultural food preferences

Credentials and Certifications
College of Dietitians of Ontario
Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)
Monash University Low-FODMAP Diet Certification
Health Coach